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“Phillips and Davidson balance each other perfectly in their harmonies and playing.”

No Depression

Songs for the Soul

Last year, Carolyn launched a fundraising effort for Songs for the Soul, a non-profit organization located in Austin, Texas dedicated to offering programs, information, and support for caregivers of society. So far, S4S has raised over $43,500!

This fall, Carolyn is now conducting four programs for her dissertation research study, “A Feasibility Study to Evaluate Storytelling Through Music to Improve Well-Being in Oncology Nurses,” Study Number 2018-05-0061, at the University of Texas-Austin. To fund her research, Phillips has raised an additional $43,000 in grant awards from the American Cancer Society, the Gordon and Mary Cain Excellence Fund for Nursing Research, the Central Oncology Nursing Society, and the Mary Walker Dissertation Award! Two programs have been completed, and two more are in progress!

For more information about Songs for the Soul, or to consider making a donation, please visit www.song-soul.org

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